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About  Witty Sparrow :

Once upon a time, in a lush forest, there lived a sparrow named Witty. Witty was different from all the other birds in the forest. He had a sharp wit, a clever tongue, and a talent for trickery. Witty's quick thinking and clever words often got him out of tight spots. One day, while Witty was out foraging for food, he came across a group of crows who were bullying the other birds in the forest. Witty knew that he had to put a stop to the crows' cruel behavior, but he also knew that he couldn't do it alone. With a twinkle in his eye and a sly smile on his face, Witty hatched a plan. He flew back to the forest and gathered all the birds together, telling them about the crows' cruel behavior. The birds were outraged and ready to take action. Witty then led the birds in a clever ruse. They all pretended to be injured and weak, luring the crows to come closer. As the crows drew near, the birds suddenly revealed their strength and chased the crows away. The crows were shocked and humiliated, and they never bothered the birds in the forest again. From that day forward, the birds of the forest looked up to Witty as their leader and protector. Witty's clever wit and quick thinking had saved the day. The birds lived in peace and harmony, and Witty was hailed as a hero. He lived a long and happy life, always ready with a clever trick or a witty word to protect his friends and family.

BUT...That's not a story about us! 

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